FAQs – Manual Web Design




1What type of websites do you make?
We are choosy when it comes to the types of websites we make, and this is how we are able to provide this service at such low prices. We basically only make content-oriented websites like business websites, portfolio websites, blogs, startup/app intro websites, photography websites etc. These type of websites account for 99% of the internet, so it is very likely that we will make your website too.However, we do not make functionality based websites or complex websites.
2How do I know if you will make my website?
You can simply register hereand fill the 'new project' form. We will review your project and let you know.(We do not take any payments before the project is approved, so it is free and doesn't cost you anything.)Otherwise you can contact us with the details and we will let you know.
3How much time would it to make my website?
Once, your project is approved, it would take approximately 4 to 10 days before your website is delivered to you. We are trying to reduce this delivery time by as much as possible. In few months, we may be able to optimise our process so much that we would be able to deliver within 48 hours.
4How does Manual Web Design compare to website builder softwares?
We started Manual Web Design company after seeing plenty of low quality websites build using such website builder software. The problem with such software is that no matter how good the website builder software is, the website has to be ultimately created by 'YOU' - someone inexperienced in creating websites.

Yes, it is possible to make any design you like using those tools, but due to your lack of experience, you are more likely to end up with a crappy website and you may not even realise it. For example, in one case we saw a website with a slideshow in the homepage, however the images used in the homepage were 40MB each and there were 12 such photos. His website was increadibly unusable as his homepage was over 500MB in size which would take hours to load in an average internet connection.

If you are given a blank canvas, some painting brush and colors then would you be able to make a painting as good as a real experienced painter? Some of you maybe able to, but majority would end up with a poor painting, and this is why it is better to let experienced designers make your site.

We offer a much much better quality service at a lesser cost that many of these self-building tools, so we can surely say that we are a better choice in comparison with these software.
5How does Manual Web Design compare to a webdesign agency?
We are in many ways similar to a web design agency, but one key difference is that we save you money by giving full freedom to the web designers to make your website however they think is optimal. If you hire a web design agency, you are spending a lot of money on stuff you may not care about.

Most of our web designers have worked in agencies and know of incidents where the client ruin a website's design because they want to change the design based on the thoughts of inexperienced people.

We believe it is better to leave such decisions to the experts and also it saves time, money and energy by letting the designers make the right decisions for you.


1What kind of website can I expect for $179?
You can expect a website similar in quality to our website itself (Manual Web Design). Note that $179 is a promotional pricing as we are a new company. We plan to increase it in the near future.
2Are there any additional costs?
We believe in paying for only the things you want, instead of making everyone pay for everything. So, there are two additional paid options. If you do not already have a logo, we will design a quick logo for you for $15. And, if you want us to register your domain, it would cost $15.
3What if I want to make modifications/changes to the website?
Things like blog posts can be edited on your own from a front end interface. But if you want to make design changes it will cost approximately $10 to $90 based on the complexity of the change.
4Can I transfer the website to my own hosting?
Yes, we can transfer your site to your own hosting, but one year's hosting fee will be included in your deal. We are able to provide low-cost web development only by considering long-term recurring revenue, and this is the reason there is a transfer fee if you want to host somewhere else.
5What methods of payments do you accept, when should I pay and are there any transaction costs?
We accept Paypal, Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Bitcoin. There is a 4.5% transaction fee for all modes of payments except Bitcoin. Payment gateways suck and we wish if there were any better modes of transaction. We will send you the link for payment of one-time web development cost after your project is accepted. We will start making your website once your payment is confirmed. You get one month free managed hosting, after which you will have to pay one year's hosting fee.


1How can I create a new project and upload the content?
You will see the new project form as soon as you register on this website. Link. Just fill this form and you can upload your content there.
2How should the text content be formated?
Write the text of each page of your site in separate word documents. Remember that this is not an essay, so try to avoid paragraphs containing more than five sentences. Long monotonous paragraphs do not look good on a website. Try to keep things short and precise. Create bullet points wherever possible. Divide text into various headings/sections. For an example, check how the text is formatted in our site's homepage.
3Will you reformat the content if I do it wrong?
Yes, the content of almost all projects are reformated by our content editors before it is given to the web designer, however, there is a limit on how much we can reformat. We are basically converting your content to your website, so it is very important that you take the time to create optimal content. Remember that your website will be only as good as the content you give us. Great content = Great website!
4What should I do if I do not have enough text content?
That is not a problem. Your website is basically a platform to let the visitors know what you want to tell them. Nowadays, many websites follow the minimal style and lower amount of text is appreciated by the users. Give us the content and our content editors will advise you what to do next. Remember that we do not take any payments until the project is accepted, so you do not have any risk in trying out.
5What are photo/image content?
It is the photos which you to use on your website. If you do not have any good photos, then we will use freely available photos from the internet. Remember to upload only the selected few good photos while submitting the photo content and not 100s of unorganised photos.
6What content should I provide if I just want to make a blog?
Bingo! You found a loophole! If you just want to make a blog, with the blog posts as the homepage then you do not have to give us any text content of the blog posts. You will be able to create the blog posts on your own after your website is created. Don't worry, creating a blog post is as easy as sending an email! Even if you are making a simple blog website, we suggest that you give us content for 'About us' and 'Contact' pages.

Web Design Process

1What is your web development process?
First, your content and forms are reviewed by our content editors. They will accept a project only if everything is okay. Once the project is accepted, they will edit and reformat the content to make it suitable for websites.

Then, the content and other details are forwarded to a web designer. He/she will make your site using the information you filled in the form. If you had opted to make a logo, then that is forwarded to a graphic designer too.

Once the web designer makes your site, it is reviewed by our Quality Assurance Team and it is sent back to the designer to solve any issues/bugs.

If everything is okay, the Quality Assurance Team will finalize the project and deliver it to you. The website is made live and connected to the domain.
2Can you make my site in WordPress?
Yes. We make almost all our websites on WordPress. It is the best content management platform out there, and over 25% of the internet is powered by WordPress. It will make it easy for you to make any changes to the site too.
3Can you use 'this' wordpress theme to make my site?
Yes. If you want to use any particular WordPress theme, then inform us while creating a new project. We will review the theme and let you know if we can do it or not. If it is a paid theme, then you will have to either pay us the cost of purchasing that theme or provide us with the full theme files.