Pricing – Manual Web Design


How much does it cost?

FAQ regarding pricing

What kind of website can I expect for $179?

You can expect a website similar in quality to our website itself(manualwebdesign.com).Note that $179 is a promotional pricing as we are a new company. We plan to increase it in the near future.

Is there any extra costs?

We believe in paying for only the things you want, instead of making everyone pay for everything. So, there are two additional paid options. If you do not already have a logo, we will design a quick logo for you for $15. And, if you want us to register your domain, it would cost $15.

What if I want to make modifications/changes to the website?

Things like blog posts can be edited on your own from a front end interface. But if you want to make design changes it will cost approximately $10 to $90 based on the complexity of the change.

Can I transfer the website to my own hosting?

Yes, you can transfer your site to your own hosting.